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The process of the sphenoid bone extending downward in the junction of your body and terrific wing. It consists of the lateral and medial pterygoid plates, which can be fused at the very best. The highest of your pterygoid process is pierced via the pterygoid canal.

Processes regularly need to speak, For example in a very shell pipeline, the output of the initial process really need to pass to the 2nd 1, and the like to the opposite process. It's most well-liked inside a very well-structured way not utilizing interrupts.

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cirrus - a slender flexible animal appendage as on barnacles or crinoids or a lot of insects; normally tactile

in the process within the process of (carrying out anything) peace process process of elimination assumed styles/processes

process - execute mathematical and reasonable functions on (facts) In keeping with programmed instructions in order to acquire the needed data; "The final results with the elections ended up however remaining processed when he gave his acceptance speech"

wander - use 1's ft to progress; progress by measures; "Stroll, You should not run!"; "We walked in lieu of driving"; "She walks having a slight limp"; "The client simply indian visa cannot walk but"; "Wander around to the cabinet"

A small process over the exceptional border of the inferior concha that articulates While using the uncinate process with the ethmoid.

experimental situation, problem - the technique that is diversified in order to estimate a variable's impact by comparison by using a Regulate condition

two : a popular or projecting part of an organism or organic structure a bone process a nerve cell process

A. Actually I used to be just diagnosed with ADHD. I am 57. My health care provider sent me to a phyciatrist, and he requested me quite a few queries. Gave me a scrip and wish to find out me again in a month. I answered 26 inquiries, and he rated on my responses.

A common method of multitasking is time-sharing. Time-sharing is a method to permit significant responsiveness for interactive user programs. In time-sharing systems, context switches are performed promptly, which makes it seem like several processes are being executed at the same time on exactly the same processor. This seeming execution of several processes simultaneously is termed concurrency.

tuberosity, eminence, tubercle - a protuberance with a bone especially for attachment of a muscle mass or ligament

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